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So after a lovely almost 4 year ‘holiday’ on part time hours I made the decision to re-join the full time work force and take my place in the office 5 days a week alongside my wonderful BP Buddies as Marketing Manager.

Since the birth of my darling boy Noah-Darren I’d been working 3 days a week.  This gave me wonderful valuable time with my son however left me constantly increasing the tasks on my work ‘to-do’ list than eliminating them. With Noah-Darren about to start school I felt January 2018 was the perfect time to take the plunge and spend more time at BP HQ.


He’s a natural at helping Mummy with wedding set-ups…


Arriving at my desk on a cold Thursday (usually one of my days off) morning I was greeted by the remnants of our festive breakfast we had enjoyed 2 weeks previously….prosecco and bagels! J The indulgence of the Christmas season was all around, empty champagne flutes, tinsel and wrapping paper. As always we had left the office in a hurry to party, with the mess left to welcome us back into a new year.  I’ll admit to feeling a tad melancholy with my favourite time of year past again and a little apprehensive about being away from Noah longer than usual.  However feeling down doesn’t come easily at BP.  Surrounded by the best of friends and knowing I get to share every day of the week with them now certainly took the edge off.

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I got to work ticking off some of my long overdue tasks and took great delight in finally getting our shiny new branded items (mugs, pens, calendars….wait till you see them!) out and into the new year gift boxes for our clients.  Who knew a branded BP mug to drink my coffee (the new Nespresso machine is also wonderful) from could bring such joy?  Or the logo etched along my pen that was was currently scrawling through my to do list could be such a glorious sight…..did I mention I’m a stationary enthusiast??  It’s a special kind of obsession.

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After a few hours of work and seeing all the gang together again I was more motivated than ever and so glad to have the extra time to focus on tasks that ‘I’d been getting to’ for months.  It might be an adjustment increasing my hours but it’s one I’ll get used to and I know will benefit myself and the company greatly.

Getting to smile and laugh every day with colleagues that I’m lucky enough to also call friends isn’t a bad way to spend 5 days a week instead of 3.

We have heavily invested in exciting new products, including, SnapChat Printers and bespoke LED Table Centres.  So stay tuned to find out what we are up to in 2018….

Looking forward to the year ahead!

Maria 🙂


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