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The Concept

The Snapchat Printer concept is simple!  In a nutshell, the Blue Parrot Company turns the Snapchat app into a photo booth at live events by printing out photo stickers in under 60 seconds.

Visitors at events control the printer with Snapchat on their own phones, and it’s the easiest photo printer ever made!  Blue Parrot users must first follow your brand or company on Snapchat in order to send their snaps to the printer.  This can kick-start your presence on Snapchat and grow your follower base at every event.


Snapchat Banner

Why is Snapchat a “Big Deal”?

Unlike other Social Networks, your company’s content isn’t just another post in a long feed.  Users who view your snaps are choosing to see them.

Here are a few stats…

  • More videos are viewed on Snapchat than on Facebook
  • 73% of Snapchat users are Millennials
  • Snapchat reaches 41% of all 18-34 year olds (whereas Network TV is only 6%)
  • 9 Billion views per day
  • Users average 30 mins on Snapchat everyday

So yeah… it is quite a “Big Deal”.

2017-09-17 01-009   2017-09-17 01-004  Snapchat Printer

4 simple steps to use the Snapchat Printer

  1. Follow your brand (By adding the printer to your friends list)
  2. Take a photo (add a filter, some Emojis… whatever suits your personality!)
  3. Send it to your brand (Event add it to your story to show your friends)
  4. Pick up your photo from the printer (Stick it somewhere or save it)



This fantastic new product isn’t only suitable for corporate brands…

We can also create bespoke geo-filters for your wedding, party or special event.

In a matter of seconds, your guests can treasure a bespoke keepsake from your special event.



Build Your Brand Following

Followers on Snapchat are more valuable than on any other social network.

Snaps from your brand appear as full screen videos to your followers giving you 10 seconds of their undivided attention.  This is unique to Snapchat.

Getting followers on Snapchat is harder than any other social network.

Snapchat does not suggest new friends to users, they must discover your brand naturally.  The Blue Parrot Company lets you physically target your new followers by rewarding them in person.


So, what are you waiting for?  Get in touch today for a quote, and leave your guests WOWed by the hottest new product in the Scottish events industry!


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