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Hi! I’m Victoria, Vicky Vic…I’ll answer to anything!


A large part of my day at BP HQ looks like this:

A day in the life of...

That’s right I handle the finances, paying the bills, bringing in the dosh, financial forecasting and ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ you just fell asleep didn’t you? Well that’s ok, because with this being Blue Parrot I’m glad to say that 2 days are never the same. We all have our main roles and departments to manage but we are very much a team and you’ll be as likely to see me on site helping with a set-up, or chatting with clients in the showroom as you will with my calculator in hand.


Vic 2


The Team

BP is very much a family and we are all great friends. The office is a light-hearted fun place to be and always full of laughter. We are certainly very professional but every working day is full of fun. Saying that…there are the odd days when all of the team are away for various reasons and one of us is left behind to man the ship… this happened to me…..

9am: Got to my desk ready to take advantage of the alone time and get hyper organised ahead of the crazy Christmas season approaching us. Started off well and within 2 hours am glad to say I broke my record of completing my ‘to do’ list.

It was now 11am and I was starting to feel a little lonely, I had control of Spotify and was blasting Springsteen as loud as I liked but not having anyone to chat with was unsettling. Especially when you hear noises from the warehouse and no one is there! I decided to have a festive coffee break while I planned the rest of my day.

Not thrilled at being alone.


Christmas Spirit

Answered a few calls, sent out a couple of quotes, turned the laundry machines round, cleaned the foyer and showroom…..i told you we all did a bit of everything. But time seemed to be standing still, I was getting more organised than ever and finding myself with time to spare…unheard of! So I decided to get some Christmas decorations out ahead of my scheduled decorating with Maria on Friday.

But Christmas cheer doesn’t happen when you’re alone without your BP buddies it looks like this……..

vic 3

However just in the nick of time my saviour appeared in the shape of our Tino!! Yay! He slapped on a Christmas hat, discussed his love of all things festive with me then helped put lights on the tree…

vic 4

Job well done and tree starting to take shape, Maria is the Christmas queen at BP so I’ve allowed her a budget to go shopping tomorrow for decorations, I wouldn’t dare touch the décor where Christmas is concerned…we differ somewhat on what’s deemed ‘tacky’

So with that we were in the first few hours of the afternoon, when it starts to get dark at 3pm and the warehouse becomes creakier and creepier. I stayed at my desk as much as possible huddled next to my heater and trying to reassure myself that it wasn’t the bogeyman making the odd noise I could hear.


Continually glancing at the CCTV to make sure I was indeed alone…

vic 5

Jumped when the door buzzed with an unscheduled appointment, but being very organised and happy for the company I was able to assist the lovely client and help them with a quotation for their event, my loneliness was perhaps very evident as every time they tried to leave I started a new conversation, however I eventually let them go on their way and made my peace with my solitude as best I could.

Only 2 hours left and I was preparing my schedule for the next day, around this time of day the internet connection at BP HQ usually becomes a bit tedious….that’s a lie…it stops working altogether. This happens every day without fail (usually I plan my tasks around it) Today I react a little differently and end up in a monumental bad mood because Spotify cuts out!!! Right in the middle of listening to the Fratellis new tune! Shocking!! I’m now completely alone, no music and I’m so organised that I’m looking for things to do….again this is unheard of. So I take a wander around our building, avoiding the creepy ware house. ….

Find myself reflecting on how far we have come in the 10 years since we started and the progression we have made, truly proud and ecstatic to be part of something so special. Our showroom is spectacular; our staff the best in the business and our products are second to none and ever evolving. Every time someone walks into HQ and their first reaction is ‘WOW’ I know we are continuing to do what we do right. We have created this together with the best person and friend at the helm steering us along the way.

To work with people who are my best friends. This is a fortunate position to be in and I’m feeling very happy not to mention saying this out loud to our parrot prop……yes! You heard me, as my day was drawing to a close I missed the gang so much I was actually talking to a parrot prop, but he was a great listener so I can’t complain.


vic 6

My new best friend.

So all in all it was a productive day with a side of loneliness, tomorrow will be another adventure in the every changing world of all things BP, thanks for reading and I swear I am very normal, talking to props is only an occasional thing.

Vic xxx

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